Caring Committee

A caring committee has been formed at Highland Avenue which will focus on our church missions and outreach.  They will have mission projects each month to benefit our community and beyond.  You can read more about it in our latest newsletter (Highlander News)   Current members of the committee are: Gene Anastasio, Sandy Batten, Kay Gregory, Bev. Fernald LaPlante, Patti Martin, and Judy Meserve.  If you have any questions or ideas, please talk with any of the members. Check out the upcoming missions:


November Mission Focus

We will be collecting non-perishable food items for our local food bank, Chrysalis Place,  from Nov. 10 to Nov. 24.  Please bring your donations to church during that time and place them in the altar area.  We are hoping that everyone will contribute to this effort as we share our gratitude for our own blessings and our love for our neighbors.  The following is a list of suggested meals that can be donated.  Any of the items or multiples of any of them would be very much appreciated as weather gets colder and people are faced with bills for fuel, medicine and food.  Thank you very much for any help you may give! Here are some meal suggestions:


             Meal#1                                          Meal#2                                                Meal#3

              Dry noodles                                       Baked beans                                 Spaghetti sauce

              Cream of mushroom soup                 muffin mix                                      dry spaghetti

              Tuna                                                   Brownie mix                                  dessert mix

              Canned veggie



               Meal#4                                   Meal#5                                           Meal#6

                   Dry cereal                            Chicken noodle soup                   Macaroni & cheese

                   Muffin mix                            muffin mix                                    canned veggie

                   Peanut butter                       peanut butter                               pudding/jello

                   Canned fruit                         canned fruit/dessert mix




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